October 4th: Fix LTC Now Protest ***New Date***

Despite much ooh-ing and whoa-ing and crocodile tears, Doug Ford has taken no substantive action to improve care for LTC residents in Ontario. Despicable conditions were found in deadly homes like Orchard Villa in Pickering where residents were left soiled, important belongings were placed out of reach, food was left rotting in hallways, and flies and cockroaches infested the building. No human deserves to live, and die, in conditions like those. We will show up for LTC residents on September 13 and tell the Ford government that we will no longer accept the neglect that has plagued our long-term care homes. 

We do not accept any more false promises and crocodile tears for the devastation in Ontario’s long-term care homes

Instead, we DEMAND:

  • Immediate action to fast-track improving care levels to 4-hours of care per resident per day.
  • Enforcement of standards through annual surprise inspections, fines, license suspensions and revocation of licenses for non-compliance.
  • Accountability for the terrible operators who facilitated the preventable deaths of thousands of the vulnerable residents in their care 
  • That Bill 218 passed by the Ford government last fall to shield long-term care owners/operators from liability for their negligence be repealed.  
  • An end to for-profit long-term care, and that the Ford government reverse its plans to hand thousands of new beds and expansions to the same for-profit chains responsible for gross negligence, horror and death. 
  • That families and caregivers be allowed full access, and that the isolation, unlawful detention and human rights violations of long-term care residents be stopped.

Let’s make it as big as we can to make a statement that holds this government accountable. We will honour the thousands of lives terribly lost during this pandemic, and ensure that this will never happen again. #RiseUpforLTC. Please spread the invitation for September 13 to everyone you can. Bring large photos of loved ones in LTC, and items for a memorial we will hold in their honour. 

**Please contact us with the subject line “SPEAKER OCT 4” if you are a LTC family member or resident interested in speaking briefly at the event about your experiences with LTC. 

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